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Maintaining mechanical functions to maximize structural efficiency

New Horizon Industries provides reliable maintenance solutions to our partners to monitor, manage, and control mechanical programs. Our technical specialists can help our clients by:

  • Evaluating your mechanical systems and creating a maintenance schedule that meets the specific requirements of your facility assets. We can also create a proactive strategy that allows New Horizon Industries to identify potential issues before they result in costly breakdowns or repairs.
  • Utilizing a computerized maintenance management system that can generate and assign work orders, schedule and track maintenance activities, and provide a database of all equipment, tests, inspections, and scheduled services. We can also generate detailed service reports that provide a list of recommendations that would help keep your facility operating at peak efficiency.
  • Providing a preventive and predictive maintenance plan that will keep your mechanical systems operating at the best levels of performance, maximum energy efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Implementing quality control procedures that provide the necessary personnel, materials, and supplies to ensure that all service calls are responded to in a timely manner.

New Horizon Industries’ customized maintenance services are specially tailored to fit our clients’ needs.


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